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Our mission is to grow and develop future athletes through a variety of sports, athletic training exercises, and healthy competition. Making a healthier future for our families and community.

What We do

At WAC each membership includes 3 workouts per week. Our youngest group(7-8 year olds) will last an hour, while our older groups will last an hour and a half. Each session will begin with a full body workout, which will include balance training, speed, and agility, strength and conditioning, and plyometrics. The second half of each training will focus on a sport where we will learn rules of the game, offensive and defensive strategies and competition with others of similar ability and age. We will create an environment where our athletes will learn teamwork, good sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Our focus is to get kids off their devices, away from screens and into an active environment, resulting in an increase in coordination, motor skills and strength. Another byproduct will be that our athletes will return home hungrier for dinner and more tired for bed.

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All classes take place at: Connor Academy, 1295 Alpine Ave, Chubbuck, ID 83202

AGES 6-9

December 7 – February 22



Tai Wesley

Tai Wesley is a former professional basketball player, who had a 9 year career playing in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. In 2004, Wesley received the award of Mr. Basketball in the state of Utah. He played college basketball for the Utah State University Aggies, where he was an all American. In addition, his senior year he was named the Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year in 2011. In 2022 he was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame. He now resides in Pocatello where he is married to Chyna Smith, a Pocatello native, and they have four children.



For the first half of the session we will do a full body work out; strength training, speed, agility, etc. The second half will be all about a sport. We will compete in games, learn strategy and rules, and most importantly have fun!

Anything you can move freely in and is appropriate for playing sports. Tennis shoes are required and a water bottle is recommended.

Yes, each participating sibling will receive $25 off monthly tuition.

No. Although we will have many basketball sessions, we will focus on all sports and follow their respective seasons.